Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It has recently been brought to my attention that although the title of my blog is the threadbare bakery I have conspicuously left out any fiber relating posts. This is actually because I have been too lazy to create that which does not give immediate gratification. Cookies are splendid because you can throw all the ingredients together, bake them, and eat them all in under an hour. Knitting and crocheting take a little more time and patience. I am happy to report, however, that thanks to my wonderful husband there will soon be a fibrous project to display! Incredible man he is he knows of my need for creation, my lack of time, and my love of the adorable so he bought me this book for my birthday.

His idea was that I can crochet all the little animals in the book, each one in very little time, and then maybe I can design my own tiny animals. I have actually already started and I have begun with the koala featured on the cover. I have all of his body parts made and all I have to do is darn them together. I have made amigurumi designs before and I find although attaching the body parts may sound simple it is actually the most difficult part. This is because the location and angle of the attachment is what really determines what the final critter looks like and whether or not their body shape seems natural. Well I will see if I can get the motivation to sit down and attach the little koalas bits and pieces and I will most certainly post the final results.

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