Sunday, September 28, 2008


Since the husband and I have moved into our new place we have been very busy moving in, getting married, and going on our honeymoon. We just got back from the honeymoon this past Tuesday so we figured this weekend was a perfect opportunity to show everyone our new place and to celebrate the autumn glory that is Oktoberfest. He did most of the work for this party since all of the beer was homemade. We had on tap a Peppercorn Rye Bock, a Ruby Red Hefeweisen, a Four Grain Ale, an English Mild, and of course an Oktoberfest. We drank and ate in German style (brats, knocks, sauerkraut and potato salad) so I had to make my own contribution. I made Black Forest Cupcakes. It was an awesome decision since I got to utilize so many newly acquired baking items. I used my trusty Kitchenaid to make the batter and whipped topping, my mini food prep to process the cherries (and my new safety edge can opener to OPEN the cherries), my 12 cupcake pan to do the cupcakes AND, the crowning glory, the CUPCAKE TREE.

I got the recipe off of and it was delicious! The only problem with it was they looked so nice in my cupcake tree that no one wanted to be the first to take one and mess it up!

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