Thursday, June 4, 2009

Coffee Chocolate Nut Cookies

Or something...

So I've been trying to catch up on my backlog. If you read my bean past buns post you may notice it is a little anemic due to my need to catch up with myself. Maybe you like that about it since I usually waste your time with many many words and not nearly enough good pictures. As it turns out too many words and too few pictures make boring food blogs. Oh well.

Here are my cookies. These are the cookies I promised to post the other day and didn't. Favorite and I made them a million years ago (re: this past weekend) when his parents came to visit. The cookie is flavored with instant coffee. It is flavored quite strongly so that they actually taste a bit like coffee ice cream. Yum. Then it has chunks of dark chocolate. Since I couldn't find my chocolate morsels, Favorite and I cut up Hershey's special dark bars. Boy, big chunks of chocolate somehow taste way better than chips. The squareness makes it more enjoyable somehow. Lastly there are some chopped up walnuts. Pretty tasty cookies. They went fantabulously well with all of the dark, highly alcoholic beers we sampled on Saturday.

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  1. We paired these cookies with four different beers: three homebrews and one microbrew. In order of consumption: Frankenstein Pale Ale (homebrew), Smoked Porter (homebrew), Imperial Stout (homebrew), Dogfish Head World-wide Stout (microbrew). These cookies are delicious on their own, but they really pair excellently with strong dark beers. Makes an excellent, and intoxicating, dessert.