Saturday, April 4, 2009

Toffee Chip Cookies

So another item that I am blogging post mortem (they are all gone) are some Toffee Chip Cookies. These, like the coffee cookies from the last post, called for refrigeration and slicing (which again I did not do!) but they seemed to work out with the mooshing method better than the coffee cookies. They were sweet and satisfying and a little crisper than typical drop cookie comes out. I made these with my sister Dayna and we ended up frosting some of them, ok, MOST of them, with a browned butter frosting that made them SUPER sweet but irresistible nonetheless. These were going to get a sprinkling of pecans, but they left the cooling rack at about the same rate they went on so the pecans never happened.


  1. Oooooh, browned butter frosting, that sounds both delicious and dangerously irresistible!

  2. Yeah, I would eat about three of those cookies at a time. They were wonderful. I am still startled that the recipe stated it would yield 80 cookies. Imagine how thin and crispy they would have been if we actually followed the directions!