Friday, April 17, 2009

Do-Si-Dos, a Dance with Peanut Butter Cookies

Look at these fabulous peanut butter cookies!!

Did a Girl Scout show up at my door this week?

Was I keeping these in the freezer for a moment of weakness?


I made them in my very own kitchen!

Mmmmm Do-Si-Dos have always been my favorite of the GS cookie selection (I can hear all of you Somoas lovers out there in vehement disgust) and when I found a copy cat recipe for them on the internet I knew I had to try it out. I found a recipe at Baking Bites along with some other GS favorites. The recipe as written makes a crazy huge amount of cookies, so knowing my penchant for eating as many Do-Si-Dos as are set in front of me I cut the recipe down to 1/3. While some comments on the recipe site state these were too salty, too bitter from the leavening, or had filling that was too buttery, I thought they were fantastic!

There ARE a couple caveats to that glowing review however. For one thing, I used unsalted butter. I thought this was the norm in baking, but in case you want to make these with salted butter, don't. I also cooked my cookies a little longer than the recipe states to achieve the crispness I desired, otherwise the cookie ended up a little chewy, very much unlike the GS version. I also added a little more powdered sugar to the filling than is stated although this was more to get a thicker filling than to change the flavor. Since I was cutting things in thirds I wasn't quite sure my filling ingredients were measured accurately so I just added stuff til it looked right. Even though I made mine thicker I still preferred to leave the cookies in the fridge to really set up the middles so they wouldn't goosh when I bit them. Although, to be fair, this is also how I keep my GS cookies.

So! Next time you get a hankering for some cookies from those little green clad darlings and you haven't seen them canvassing the neighborhood in a while, think about producing some out of your own oven. Just make sure you have a nice cold glass of milk to wash them down!


  1. Yummy! And you know how much Favorite likes Peanut Butter! These are really good... but yeah, I do prefer the "Samoas".

  2. I hate to say it but I'm with Jay in my preference for the Samoa. That said, I also LOVE peanut butter (remember Nutter Butters? - they were my favorite peanut butter cookie when I was younger) and these look awesome. Your photos are great!

  3. Thanks for the comments! I have definitely been trying to get better with my picture taking. What's the point of having a food blog except to have beautiful pictures of all the tasty things you've made? The problem is that I have two digital cameras; one that has no macro capability whatsoever and another that has dubious macro capability and a broken battery compartment. It makes it quite tricky!

  4. You DID bring these to Hampton for the weekend celebration, right? Because I am pretty sure Mom remembered a certain loaf of babka for you...

  5. I made these for my man and we loved them lots! It effectively placed me in the "awesome housewife material" category for at least a month. Yummy! Though I must admit that yours look prettier than mine did.