Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Muffins

I have a lot of posts to catch up on so most of them are going to be pretty short. I stole the recipe for these muffins from Tracey's Culinary Adventures and you can find the recipe there if you are so inclined to make these. They were pretty delicious as far as peanut butter baked goods are concerned, but as a muffin I thought they were too dense. I was having a crazy day when I made them though so maybe I didn't achieve the optimal result. In fact, if you go to Tracey's website you can see that her muffins look fluffier and a whole lot less like peanut butter bricks.


  1. oh yum! I love peanut butter and chocolate together. I just made a reese cupcake for my blog!

  2. Indeed, these were dense, but I found that very satisfying... I could eat one and feel like I had a substantial snack. Plus I'm just crazy about Peanut Butter.

    I also took a look at the previous commenter's blogpost about Reese's cupcakes. Wow. Not sure about all that frosting (not a frosting guy), but I liked the pictures of the cupcakes with the filling...

  3. I'm such a slacker on blog visiting lately. Sorry these turned out dense for you. I can't remember making them so I'll have to go back and check out my post - see if I can come up with anything.

    Japan photos?? Please? :)