Thursday, February 25, 2010

What the guys...

Ok, these are not baked or knit:

But they are ADORABLE! That's right. We're taking a time out for some cuteness. For some reason, even though these guys claim VEHEMENTLY that they do not care much for each other, the always seem to be doing the same thing at the same time. And despite what they say about their desire to avoid each other, I have documented proof of them touching.

Boy those guys look grumpy. And beefy.

How about the view from where I sit?

Well, I had one beefer on my lap tonight:
And the other nearby in the office bed.

Then some jealousy happened.There was a short tussle, some furry fists were thrown, but everyone ended up alright.
Now it is time for everyone to go to bed. I hope I get room to sleep on the bed tonight and don't wake up to any kitty butts in my face.


  1. Thanks for posting pictures of the kitties while I was away on business! Super cute. I love the portrait of the two of them installed on the couch. Needs to be framed.

  2. Beefy, you are so correct. Oh, and I also see what you meant about cat hair all over your clothing. I got nothing on you.