Sunday, August 2, 2009

Peach Blueberry Pie

I have made the Peach Blueberry Pie again! During my internet hiatus I made the momentus decision to add a couple cups of blueberries to a fresh peach pie and it rocked my world. Sadly I completely missed the photo opportunity. Well, I made it again and got a few snaps this time. They are not great, it turns out I am TERRIBLE at photographing pies. The whole pie is just too much to get in one shot well and it is quite difficult to get one perfect slice out of a fruit pie. For better or worse, here it is.
It really is a simple and delicious pie. Just 4 cups of sliced ripe peaches, 2 cups of blueberries, 1/2 - 2/3 a cup of sugar (depending on how sweet your fruit is) and 2 tbsp cornstarch stirred together and dumped in your favorite pie crust. You can add lemon zest or spices to the mixture, but with delicious fresh ripe fruit, I think it is best just to taste the fruit. I moosh my blueberries a little, by the way, so that they make more blueberry juice. I just like it that way. I also took my leftover pie crust bits and rolled them out, cut them in half, and bated one side with butter, topping it with cinnamon, brown sugar, and chopped pecans, and covered it with the other half. I baked this in with the pie on my pie-overflow baking sheet (which is a technique I have used ever since my first strawberry rhubarb pie set the oven on fire!) until it was browned. Tasty little snack! Favorite thought it tasted just like a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart, which I suppose is pretty much what it was.

In other non-food news, check out THIS guy!
I found this sucker hanging out on a window screen outside my apartment building. He looks just like a strangely symmetrical rumpled up dead leaf from far away, but when he is completely out of his camouflaging element he was pretty easy to spot. Click on the image to enlarge it and you can see how fuzzy he is, very cool dude.

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